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How to Use Social Media for Customer Research

Looking for a low-cost way to conduct consumer research? Social media can provide a free treasure trove of data about your customers. With the right social media tools, you can learn what questions your customers have and which types of content they’re sharing. This information will help you answer their questions, solve their problems and […]

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Customer Opinion, Maybe, But Do You Bet The Store On It?

Sure and of course we all want to stay close to our customers. No doh. But I’m tired of the overworn customer survey advice that shows up everywhere, as if anybody hadn’t thought of that. And, more important, as if anybody ever tells the truth in surveys. Opinions are easy, and often off base. Most […]

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Paradox: Lead vs. Listen in Product Development

This is a problem I’ve struggled with for more than 20 years: ideally, does product development lead, listen, or both? Is the ideal developer a crabby older sibling who knows better, or a compliant servant? Do you build what’s good for the customer, or what the customer wants?
They aren’t always the same thing. Think about […]

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Essential Elements of E-Mail Content

– Improve your content and improve your email campaign results: 1. Tease the offer in the Subject Line.Let your customers know what value they’re going to for reading your e-mail in the subject line. As your customers scan their e-mail,

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